Dear Takeonejetsu self defence sport family,

It is my honour to write these words as a small brief with pleasure in order to explain some information about Takeonejetsu which consider as new type of self defence sport group which found by Dr Husam Alomiri the president of World Takeonejetsu and Arab Takeonejetsu federation.In 2005 I started to collect techniques with coaches from Syria salah Hiba , Jordan Nidal Sehwail and Qasem Rantisy . After that i went to Jordan Olympic committee to get recognise for Takeonejetsu . In 14 October 2005 we made small championship in on front of Jordan Olympic committee so they watched and agreed to recognised it and issued committee with Judo Jordan federation in 1 may 2006 .We started it from Jordan then we called other Arab countries like Syria Egypt Palestine Iraq so we called Arab national Olympic committees in order to issue Arab Takeonejetsu Federation then they agreed to issue Arab federation on 13 July 2007 in Jordan .After that we started to call others Arab country to become members in Arab Takeonejetsu Federation like Tunis , Lebanon , AL Yamen , Morocco , Libya , UAE . Then we started to contact India, Bangladesh , Sri Lanka , Pakistan , Nepal , Hayittee , Germany, Italy. In 2008 we started to contact self defence world federation like IBF , IMWA , West Cost University , WAMAC and got recognise from these world federation besides we made shows during their championships to condense them with Takeonejetsu sport .In 2014 we got recognise from ICSSPE which is the first step to get recognise from international Olympic committee .We contacted with GAISF the second step after ICSSPE .We will continue our effort to get recognise from international Olympic committee Finally I wish for all of you to succeed in his job as player , coach , referee national federation in Takeonejetsu activities and your own life .

With best wishes and hopes

World Takeonejetsu federationPresident Dr Husam Alomiri