Teaching, Instructing and Coaching can be one of the most rewarding experiences you can have, it comes with great responsibility and it demands great commitment. Students can make improvements through a structured programme of learning, meaningful practice, measured performance and appropriate competition. Effective coaches will create and manage a safe and fun environment. They will motivate their students to continue participating in Takeonejetsu, improve their performance and help them to achieve their goals. They will also understand what their students want to achieve, why they are participating in Takeonejetsu and they will create the appropriate opportunities to build on students’ strengths and improve their weaknesses.

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Do you need a way to really make progress? We have hours of instructional videos live on this site, with more being added every month.We upload several free video clips every month, and you have access to all these videos plus hours of extra footage not available anywhere else on the web.

Our coaching videos are designed to teach you and motivate you. You will be a “fly on the wall” as our expert coaches go into the kind of fine details you need at your level.

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Rules, Points & Records

This is a brief overview of the sport and is in no way legally binding. In all cases the sport specific classification rules will take precedence. The ancient martial art of takeonejetsu has its fair share of rules which may seem confusing to the beginner. Here’s our quick guide to the basic rules for those are just starting out.

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