About Straight Bruise

The straight punch can be performed from a variety of stances. Most commonly, this technique is practiced from the horse stance. Although it’s not very practical to punch from a horse stance in a fight, practicing this blow from this stance builds a stronger lower body foundation and allows you to focus solely on your upper body motion. Though practice from the horse stance is essential, it is recommended that you train yourself to execute this technique from various stances. This strike is aimed at the opponent’s solar plexus, face, groin, collar bone, or abdomen. It is one of the most basic and essential techniques in Taekwondo.

Learn Move

1. Pull the non-attacking arm close to you and simultaneously drive your attacking arm’s fist forward into the target. Twist your hip away from your your center line while doing so.
2. Punch through the intended target with the first 2 knuckles of your fist twisting your wrist just before the impact.. Make sure you don’t lock out your elbows while you do so; keep your punching arm slightly bent at the elbow. (Failing to do so may result in the hyper-extension of your elbow) Also, while you do so, your first two knuckles must be in line with your forearm. (You make contact with only your first two knuckles to increase the pressure of the blow. The twisting motion of your wrist further adds up to the damage caused to your target.)
3. Retract your punching arm after you punch the target and back into the initial position.