About Low Kick

A low kick (also known as a leg kick) is a kick in which the attacker uses his or her leg to strike the opponent’s lower body (thigh or calf) with the shinbone or foot.

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Low kicks are kicks which are relatively easy to master technically. Contrary to high kicks, you do not need any special stretching, even beginners can use low kicks. However, to turn low kick into a really destroying weapon, you need to really master the technique, which cannot be done by nothing else than infinite repetitions and drills.

Low kick aims on the thigh of the opponent and it is ideal to kick with a shank, approximately in it´s middle where the bone is the hardest.


When your opponent protects from your back leg low kick with his front leg shank, try to kick him into his back leg. The kick should be even lower in this case and energy should aim horizontally-this will allow you to cut him under. When you do this several times in a row, this will be psychologically bothering for him and it will make his defense against low kick with his shank more annoying.
Aim your low kick higher than usually.
Most of low kicks aim either on tentacles above knee or circa to the middle of opponent´s thigh. Advanced fighters have these spots on legs strong and resistant from absorbing low kicks. Low kicks, which would send a beginner down, do not hurt them. That is why it is better to aim low kicks to other spots, higher, to tentacles in pelvis. Considering the fact that not many fighters kick into these spots, most fighters are not used to it and that makes this a painful and tough technique.
Kick opponents back leg instead of front leg
Most of low kicks are aimed from back leg to opponent´s front leg and advanced fighters cover front legs very well, or have their muscles so used to these kicks that low kicks into the front thigh do not hurt them too much. Kicks aimed on the back leg are unusual and little used and thus very painful even for advanced fighters. The kick from the front leg aimed on the back leg is technically more difficult, but if you master the stepping in and twisting of the body, it is a very tough kick. Specialist in these kicks is for example Romanian fighter Daniel Ghita and in this video you can see what this technique can do to opponent´s thigh – in this case with the leg of our fighter Tomáš Hron.