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TAEKWANJETSU was first founded in Jordan by Dr. Husam Alomiri where he lay the ground rules , instructions and the international laws of this sport by the help of coach Salah Hiba , Jordan Nidal sehwail and Qasem Rantisy

In 2005 this game was officially stated in Jordan when a championship was held under the supervision of the Arabic Olympic committee and by then a Jordanian committee was founded and headed by Dr. Husam Alomiri in order to develop this sport , build a strong foundation and help it to spread worldwide .

A couple of years later the first international TAEKWANJETSU championship was held in Amman and it was considered the leading step in forming an official Arabic federation for this sport , in no time TAEKWANJETSU was a game played in both Arabic and foreign countries like ( Australia , Sweden , Denmark , Italy , Syria , Palestine , Iraq , Lebanon , United Arab emirates ) and many others .

It is safe to say that this sport is more than just moves done by the body , it’s a person’s health , a young man’s voice, a way of developing the mind and by spreading across the world it helped linking us together.

This game has accomplished a lot and in the future it will achieve the impossible and I wish for everyone whose a part of this game to chase their dreams , succeed in their life and achieve the impossible.

For their success is our success .



Arab Takeonejetsu federation

The more you sweat in training, the less you bleed in combat

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Takeonejetsu Martial Arts World federation

Be strong with health and peaceful with mind 

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